Donnerstag, 27. September 2007

when did it became fall...

Lately being busy with learning and a lot of rehearsals, I didn't have much time for myself.
Not even to read...tss
That really brought me really into truble with myself...

So I just took a day off...just a day for myself
And when I went for a walk with my dog I suddenly realised this speciall kind of light again, the fallen leaves, the smell...and all I thought was: oh when did it became fall...

This was like a sign to me to take more days off just to see all the beautifull things that often are just right in front of you

Sonntag, 23. September 2007

just what I needed...

my computer broke down so i wasn't able to logg in but with a little help from my brother I was finally able to fix it.
Quick update: shool is really freaking me out, every week I have more to learn and even less time to sleep.
So yesterday I decided to go shopping. I planed to buy a nice birthday present for a friend of mine, but I ended up buying lots of books (for me, hehe).
And in a small boutique just waiting for me there were my dreams come true boots. Some Ugg-boots-look-alike!
And they were very cheap and so I decided to buy two pair of them...( I know).
For some people it maybe sounds weird but this was just what I needed at this moment.

Sonntag, 9. September 2007

"the stage"

I think everybody sometimes comes to a point when he thinks: okay stop ...just give me a break...some time to breath...

For me school just started two weeks ago but already now all I do is learn, learn, learn, go to rehearsals and singing lessons.
Everything is just far away from the easy and breeze- feeling.

But today while listening to great singers like Anna Netrebko or Regina Spektor I realized that it just doesn´t matter if there is no time for me to read, to eat, to meet friends, or sleep...when I just can stand on stage...