Sonntag, 27. Januar 2008

give me a change...

people change...

they change their habbits (although we all know old habbits die hard)

and sometimes they realize it or they don´t
its not like it is planed it just happens...

well and sometimes you feel like you have to change something, just to be happy again.

thats just how i feel

because after spending the whole week with eating chocolate and drinking coffee while watching sex and the city and crying i felt a desperately need for a change.
and this desperately need for a change is the reason why i do have black hair now...

i just wanted a simple chocolate brown tone but the result turned out black(!)...
please take that advice from me...never ever dye your hair on your own...never!
(or just don´t fall in love with the wrong guy)


Isa hat gesagt…

hey there, girl with the emotional balast!

I´m like that all the time. whenever I feel bad I get really busy, pushing things away from me, wanting to change everything.

right now I´m reordering my room since I changed everything just because of relationship trouble that made me even colour the walls.

you´ll get on!
and about dyeing your hair:

I went to the hairdresser lately to have blonde highlights done.
being at home I was quite irritated because I thought they turned out too strong.
now I´m so happy with them, they were just so new to me.
so I recommend to you: see if you get used to your hair because that might be simply it, or have highlights done!
anyway, it is a change!

xxx, isa

jazz who likes jazz hat gesagt…

bonjourno bella! I'll bet everyones telling you what to do when you are upset and I will too! when I'm really angry and stressed out, I cut out pictures in magazines or anywhere and I collage. glueing heads and fairies and little happy quotes on paper with calming music blasting in your ears. you're the queen of control in glue land, It's very calming.
hope you feel better!


Isa hat gesagt…

that is a wonderful creative idea! thank you so much!
plus you can sort of idolize those little fairys and becoming more lighthearted again!

xx, isa

vali hat gesagt…

hey girls
thank you all soooo much for your support...
that really means a lot to me...
isa...yeah i already got used to my hair colour now...and i really like it now...
and jazz...great idea...i tried it out...and i LOVE it...thanks so much