Freitag, 4. Januar 2008

new year's resolution

- be more optimistic (sounds easy well not for me)

-learn to cook (exempt for making coffee and making popcorn in the microwave i´m an absolute
also-ran when it comes to things like baking a cake)

-try to find a job for summer (to finance the vivienne westwood pirate boots) what leads me to
the next point:

-don't spend that much money on clothes (well i'll try but i'm not very optimistic (hu you see?) that i can make it)

-post more regular
and at this point i wish you all a happy belated new year


jazz who likes jazz hat gesagt…

cute post! learning to cook is one of my new years resolutions too, though I would rather be a lazy bum and drink tea and eat macaroons all day!! Your blog is very divine, I love hoe free spirited it is!


Isa hat gesagt…

optimism is very important.
being negative might mean that you´re already sceptical about things that don´t neccessarily need to be a problem and therefore don´t dare to try out things.

good luck with everything!
and cooking is a blast! ever since I´m with the boyfriend, I absolutley love doing it, especially italian food, it can be so much more than just spaghetti napoli! ;)